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Enjoying those milestones!

Milestones. Every momma talks about their baby reaching certain milestones in their early months or years of life; the first tooth, first word, sitting, crawling, walking... There's always 'the next one' that we're looking forward to, we wait for it to happen, wait a little more and wait a little more... when our little humans reach the next one it's like a major breakthrough, everyone's elated and it goes down as a historic moment for the family... Ava awoke me this morning with her own new skill, one which I hadn't even realised she was gearing up towards. It was a certain sound. A sound very loudly delivered. It awoke me rather abruptly at first, rendering me startled and unsure as to what it was. I was just about to draw my own conclusion; sharply giving Sean one of my elbow-jabs and insisting on him opening a window, when the noise arose again. That's when I realised it was coming from my sweet little girl... my sweet little girly-girl who'

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